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“Harmony in life makes me happy. The beauty of life is inspiration, which becomes work."

From a young age, Daria found herself to be heavily inspired by nature, especially by the enchanting sceneries of her home country - Latvia. Daria’s appreciation of the beauty surrounding her energizes her creativity, from picturesque seascapes, to vast forests- she channels it into her work.
In 2006 Daria graduated from Transport and Telecommunication Institute, and in 2019, she attained her MA Degree in the Art Academy of Latvia (metal design, jewellery). The same year, Daria had also met artist Giovanni Corvaja and passed practice in his atelier in Todi, Italy, giving her another strong creative impulse. Daria discovered a particular attraction to the art of sculpture, and while studying in the Art Academy she was interested in the different subsisting metalsmithing techniques.
Based in her studio in Riga, Daria now works as a jewellery creator who is constantly looking to expand her knowledge and skills as a craftswoman. She is continuously experimenting with the ancient technique of hot enamelling, and combines wood, gold and silver with modern materials, such as polymer clay to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery. Daria is passionate about creating wearable jewellery which speak and enrich in a visual aesthetics and tactile perfection.
When you augment your image with a piece of Daria’s art, you are not only demonstrating your appreciation of the exquisite surface beauty of the piece to compliment your style. Each piece is unique, some are a result of months of work and care.


2021 Exhibition Project Goodwood: kaliningrad Amber Museum, Tsaritsyno Palace, The State Museum of Oriental Art, Russia
2020 Metalophone: Museum, Fifth International Biennial of Contemporary Metal Art, Vilnius, Lithuania
2020 Jewelry exhibition Mark, Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, Latvia
2019 Jewelry exhibition A Priori, Cesis, Latvia
2018 European Professional Doll Art Festival, Riga, Latvia
2016 Jewelry exhibition Viņas dar(b)ā, Goethe Institut Riga, Latvia
2015 Jewelry exhibition Subjektīva un perspektīva, Aluksne, Latvia
2015 International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip, Vilnius, Lithuania

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